Buddha Tree 2016

A Beautiful 3 hour drive west to the 101, and then north about 100 miles, you find the private residence and location of the amazing experience that is BIRDS OF PARADISE. An extremely grueling course up and down the hills for 27 holes; our first round on saturday was windy, where my lack of preparation for tournaments was quite apparent, I think I may have played the ugliest round. ever. I had a great group, and enjoyed playing, regardless. I'm back throwing right handed, which is to my great relief, not painful (although my shoulder is feeling this weekends test up and down the hills) Saturday night was filled with good times, as I teamed up with Dutch for "suzi sticks" After we got whooped by Glen Whitlock and Roger Cansler I enjoyed time with friends around the fire listening to Kindred Spirits jam a set.

A good night led to a much better sunday, where I decided I would play much better. The first round i played the course for the first time, the second time around i was familiar with the holes and made a bunch of small adjustments. I ended up playing the hot round of the tournament shooting a 10 under par, to have a respectable finish in 4th place.  Special thanks to Caleb and the Gribi family for hosting, the humboldt guys who helped get the course “ready” for play and for the players for making the experience one I will not forget. I look forward to playing Birds of Paradise again sometime, i’m not sure what’s next on my schedule but i’ll keep you up to date

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