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Whether he would catch a ride to tournaments with local players, or his dad John driving, Gregg worked his way to winning in the advanced division in 2002 by age 15. Poised to move into the open division in the near future, with his skillset continually improving, he made the transition rather quickly.


“I must have played 3 rounds a day on average there for like, 5 years.
It was 23 years ago when his serendipitous disc golf journey began in 1993, riding a bike in condon park at age six. Gregg was also involved with baseball and soccer since age 5, where he was an all-star second baseman in little league. Always being outside and active, this all came to pause in 2001 when Gregg suffered a severely broken left ankle while skateboarding and was on the couch for 6 months. This unfortunate event would mark the moment when he chose to pursue his commitment in sport to disc golfing. The following three years were spent either at school or on the course; “I must have played 3 rounds a day on average there for like, 5 years. (laughs) Living near the park, you throw a lot of disc.”


Fast forward the next three years as many of the good and great players who inspired and mentored Gregg on weekdays would eventually become some of his main competition in the region on the weekends. Winning a number of tournaments and having solid finishes amongst heated competition, Gregg had worked his way to being a contender.



In the years following 2006, Gregg took his talents on the road and began touring full time. He has since attended a number of premier Disc Golf tournaments spread over the United States and eventually treading foot in Scandinavia in 2014. Consistently wowing crowds and hanging around the leaderboard at tournaments throughout the years. With wins each season, he has continued to leave his mark as a competitor, and a player who is progressively in pursuit of playing tremendous golf, continually improving his skill set and compiling more than a few notable course records.

“Eating healthy, and staying hydrated are essential to playing and staying focused on tour.




In 2009 Gregg threw the roller ace that was heard around the world in Santa Cruz, CA in the final round of the Masters Cup in 2009. The final pairing of Doss, Barsby, Climo, and Locastro would embark on a 28 hole showdown the final round of the Masters Cup National Tour event in 2009. The round which ensued is now considered one of the most unprecedented and legendary rounds in disc golf history; where on Hole 4 his sidearm roller somehow found a way into the basket. Besting local favorite & two-time World Champion Nathan Doss made his own hole in one two hours later, coming down the stretch. Gregg is a two-time ‘King of the Lake’ in Tahoe, SF Safari champion at Golden Gate Park in 2004-2005  Alabama state champion in 2010, and 5 Wins at Auburn Open, highlight what is a steadily improving competition resume. Gregg is known not only by his unique style of play, but his charisma and welcoming personality have helped turn the 6 time Nor-cal series champion into a genuine fan favorite worldwide. He can be found chatting it up with the fans, friends and fellow competitors after rounds, embodying the spirit of the game and it's catchphrase; "Most fun wins".





There are times when Gregg will play as part of a team, leading the Redwood Empire to the Finals in the Southwestern Team Invitational in 2007 and campaigns 3 other years at the match play style 12 person/team contest. Gregg has also made two appearances in the United States Doubles Championship, he and former tour-mate Matthew Orum came up one throw short in 2009 to team Feldberg/Jenkins. Tied with 2 holes to play, Gregg recalls "we got lucked out on, they had some great shots and played well as a team, but I'm disappointed in our play as a team."  With the sour taste of 2009's finish, they followed up with a gritty performance in 2010, ending with a win by a handful of throws to become United States Doubles Champions on the famed Winthrop Gold course in Rock Hill.



Barsby, Slim, Matty O.      -Kansas City, 2010



It hasn't all been Championship glory for the Northern California native, who is still searching for his first Major title. A runner-up finish twice in Crystal River, Fl. at the Players Cup Major in 2006 & 2008 were close misses, bested by four throws in 2006 by soon to be World Champion Avery Jenkins, and one throw in 2008 by the hands of soon to be world champion Eric McCabe. In 2014 he put together back to back top 10 finishes at the European Masters, and followed by the World Championships, but Gregg is still looking to lay claim to his first Major Disc Golf.

“Eating healthy, and staying hydrated are essential to playing and staying focused on tour. I’ve won some big events out there, just not the one I’d like yet.”


Playing my style, executing shots, preparation and rest.


In the spring and summer of 2015, a stretch of 12 events showed promise with a win at St. Patties classic in his native norcal, and Gregg took top four finishes nearly every weekend on tour. Poised for more great golf and the elusive big win, a hyperextension of his elbow in Sweden spelled the shortening of a solid 2015 campaign. After finishing 6 months of rest and recovery in April 2016 he is back to throwing, working on fine tuning his game for more memorable performances in big time events. This time though, he is set on one thing; "I want to play to my full potential, that's all I can ask for" - he remarks. "Playing my style, executing shots, preparation and rest will get me back to the championship moments, those things will give me chances to win any event."





Gregg’s journey to becoming a household name in the Disc Golf community has been nothing short of entertaining, coupled with convincing victories and exciting performances each year against top ranked competitors, he has gas in the tank to compete at the highest level. His backhand/forehand combination of precision power and finesse in the short game qualify him as a contender anywhere he plays. His love of the sport and the undying mission of "most fun wins" continue to charismatically shine through, be it through commentary, or his his zany youtube and snapchat antics. You can catch him chopping it up with friends and fans, or in competition, his focused demeanor and skills produce memorable shots on the regular. The question remains...  "What's next for Barsby"