The "Off Season" Adventures

I’m in transition with the tour starting up, still in the process of getting my tour schedule 100. There are so many good events these days, and a few different disc golf tours happening now, there are a lot of options to choose from!

 My "off-season" was a productive and busy time back in Northern California. Most of the time spent at home had nice weather, so I was able to squeeze in a few events; here’s what happened in the offseason, disc golf wise.


I was invited to play for team Redwood Empire at the Southwest Team DG Invitational at the beginning of December. This event has been going down for 40 years, and the TD (Snapper) is stepping down from hosting the event, so it's like the end of an era. I am honored to play for Redwood, so I left for San Diego on a mission, to shred Morley Field one more time.

Playing in the number 2 slot, the first two matches I played past some tough competition to get wins in the 12 hole, match play format. I ran into Doss when we played team Oregon the third round, he bested me. He birdied nearly every hole and was on fire... I would carry that fire through the remainder of the event, winning each match for the rest of regulation. As team redwood congregated near the putting green, we heard the news, it would be Oregon v Redwood in the finals, I had one more shot at Doss, this time for 19 holes. 

Nate and I went toe to toe the entire match!

Keep an eye out for the video, Central Coast Disc Golf captured the occasion, I'm not sure when they will drop it.


 I won my 60th PDGA sanctioned event last season! Another close race, this time I somehow held off one of my Disc Golf heroes Mike Loya, and friend James Procter by 1 throw at Browns and Bows the week before Christmas.

 Two weeks later I played the New Years classic @ Lake Chabot in Oakland, Scott Riley hooked it up with a great place to stay and enjoy the east bay for the weekend. Great times down there, playing the course and checking out the local scene I didn't play my best, but I had a few nice moments, check the video @ 


Once I returned home, I spent the next week preparing to host my fundraiser event at Kelly Ridge DGC in Oroville, CA.

THANK YOU to all who attended, although without help this would not have happened! Extra thanks go out to Chip Frink, Brian Costa, Papa Bear Parker, Dirty Birdie 530 and DJ Algeria. 


Three days later I was on the plane to Koh Samui Thailand for three weeks, laying over in Singapore each way.

I always have fun connecting with disc golfers residing across the world, enjoying the summertime exploring, playing disc golf and relaxing in the jungle is what's it's all about. It's hard to beat the amazing food, extremely inexpensive prices, and friends. A HUGE thank you goes out to Riley Hayes, Nigel Mills, Dave Lehmann, their families & all the friends for another unforgettable experience!


Innova Champion Discs dropped the GB “Innova 2018 tour fundraiser” disc while I was overseas. I chose the Star Roadrunner, most importantly it's an accessible disc for nearly anyone! A big thanks to Innova for a great looking disc, find one at


The Memorial kicked off the Disc Golf Pro Tour last week, where I had a slow start, but clawed my way back into the top 25 I’m now in Texas for a few weeks, with the DGPT in Waco being the main draw out here next weekend. 


Moving forward I'm super stoked to announce that, in June New York to host the Disc Jam Music Festival's Disc Golf event.

 A 4-5 week long Europe/Scandinavian tour is in the works, over a month long with four events. Clinics & Promotions in between events are being sorted now, so I’m stoked to come back after last years tour! This one will kick off at the Sula Open in Norway, come late June.

I'll have a schedule posted up once it's a lock! 


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I'm looking forward to seeing many of you throughout 2018!

Take care, and fly them fair.


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